About Vlad Popa, founder of StudioDIA

Vlad Popa is the founder of StudioDIA. He took the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture at the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning in Bucharest in 2011 and then went on with his professional carrier in Brussels working with SAQ Architects studio. There he developed his artistic skills and improved his knowledge regarding the field of archicture. However, his devotion for architecture fell into place.

It’s said that a hobby can arise the strongest kind of passion for a certain domain. The architectural domain, for him, started as a hobby as he was only a little boy. He used to sit by his father who used to draw very complicated sketches which him, as a little boy, couldn’t understand. Still, even if he didn’t know that back then, this hobby has turned out to be his strongest passion.

Studio Design Innovation Architecture (DIA) was started in order to materialize his dreams and thoughts with the purpose of conveying them into reality. Consequently, the product is being born through the process of finding the most innovative solutions combined with the passion to reify ideas in the perfect form, materials and language.

Vlad Popa este fondatorul biroului StudioDIA. Si-a terminat facultatea si master-ul in arhitectura la Univestitatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism “Ion Mincu” din Bucuresti in anul 2011 si si-a continuat activitatea profesionala in Bruxelles, in cadrul biroului SAQ Architects. Aici si-a dezvoltat calitatile artistice si de bun gust asupra fenomenului arhitectural, si odata cu aceasta si-a conturat devotamentul pentru aceasta arta.

Se spune ca un hobby dezvolta cea mai puternica pasiune asupra unei activitati. Arhitectura, pentru el, a fost ca un hobby inca de mic, de cand desena la aceeasi masa cu tatal lui schite complicate pe care nu le intelegea, un hobby de care nu stia ca urma sa-i fie cea mai puternica pasiune si caruia sa ii dedice o daruire deosebita.

Studio Design Innovation Architecture (DIA) s-a nascut odata cu dorinta de a materializa toate aceste ganduri si de a le transpune in obiecte perceptibile. Produsul, prin urmare, ia nastere in urma procesului prin care devotamentul de a gasi cele mai inovative solutii se combina cu pasiunea de a le concretiza in forma, materialitate si limbaj.

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